Manage The Complicated Implant “Bill Only” Surgery Requirements.

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Transforming the Implant Bill-Only Process

This webinar will help you manage the implant bill-only process so your teams can work at the top of their skillset. ussam Bachour, Manager of supply chain systems at the University of Chicago, Medicine will describe how he and his team have transformed the UCM workflow to deliver process improvement and cost savings. He will discuss how the right data and a streamlined solution can positively impact the implant bill-only process to significantly improve your case management.

Software Solution

End-To-End Integrated Provider Centric Solution For Implant "Bill Only" Cases

Surgery Exchange PlatformTM

Manages processes and lifecycle of implant surgeries from when the surgery is scheduled through to paying all vendors and preparing usage for reimbursement. It replaces the extensive and repetitive manual processes typical of implant cases with proactive/collaborative platform for all case stakeholders including suppliers; integrates with the hospital scheduling system, EMR, and financial ERP system to provide consistent normalized real-time case-level data systemwide.

Surgery Exchange LogisticsTM

Manages implant inventory, both hospital-owned as well as supplier-consigned, for all implant service lines to support case demand planning, case product allocation, manages product expiration and recall, and provides visibility to perpetual implant inventory systemwide.

Surgery Exchange NetworkTM

Offers device manufacturers significant benefits in real-time: Early visibility to scheduled cases, efficient care through improved case planning, visibility and forecasting to allow for inventory optimization and operational efficiencies, faster inventory to cash, and more to allow for a closer working partnership between manufacturer, hospital, and physician.

A Comprehensive Solution To Bring Together Case Stakeholders Into A Collaborative Environment

Clinically Integrated Supply Chain