A 30 minute meeting with us can save a lifetime of headaches in bill-only.

A 30 minute Meeting with Us Can Save A Lifetime Of Headaches in Bill-Only

Surgery Exchange helps you recover time, money – and a bit of your sanity

How much time do you and your team lose each month to bill-only headaches?

How much money is that time worth?

And, most importantly, how much more revenue might your organization recognize with an automated solution to manage scheduling, usage, billing and off contract spend for your implant and bill-only cases.

All it takes is a 30 minute  conversation with Surgery Exchange to make those headaches go away. Forever.

Surgery Exchange is the first and only comprehensive end-to-end implant and bill-only process improvement solution proven to:

  • Align hospital, physician, and suppliers across implant and bill-only processes
  • Deliver hard- and soft-dollar savings across Supply Chain, OR, and Finance
  • Deliver full visibility and control across service lines and facilities

30 minutes of your time in exchange for all those other hours back in your life – every day, week, month, and year. That’s a pretty good deal. Contact Surgery Exchange today to learn more.

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