Think of us a a cleaning crew for your backlogged PO’s.

Think of Us as a Cleaning Crew for Your Backlogged POs

Surgery Exchange does the dirty work so your implant and bill-only revenue recognition can shine

It’s hard enough gathering the implant and bill-only information you need for timely POs. Understanding where and why you’ve got delays is a whole lot harder.

Unless you use Surgery Exchange. We automate the entire implant and bill-only process, with accurate, cost-effective usage capture directly from EMR and mandatory contract compliance.

Better yet, we work with you to discover where your organization can improve its revenue recognition. Unexpected pricing variances? Unresponsive manufacturer representatives? Something else? We find that information for you – quickly, easily, and accurately. So you can get back to running your organization and serving your patients.

In fact, Surgery Exchange is the first and only comprehensive end-to-end implant and bill-only process improvement solution proven to:

  • Align hospital, physician, and suppliers across implant and bill-only processes
  • Deliver hard- and soft-dollar savings across Supply Chain, OR, and Finance
  • Deliver full visibility and control across service lines and facilities

We’re happy to help clean up your implant and bill-only processes and procedures. Contact Surgery Exchange today to learn how.

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