Is incomplete usage capture costing you money and sleep?

Is Incomplete Usage Capture Costing You Sleep (And Money)?

Relax – Surgery Exchange makes sure you bill quickly and accurately for every implant or bill-only event

Are you 100% sure your organization delivers complete cost capture from the operating room? Or are you sure that you aren’t?

Surgery Exchange eliminates the uncertainty surrounding implant and bill only usage capture, helping health systems like yours achieve margin improvement by minimizing errors and inefficiencies. Our cost-effective, cloud-based solution delivers automated, usage capture directly from the EMR – giving you confidence that you’re completely in control of implant and bill-only revenue recognition and cost containment.

Surgery Exchange is the first and only comprehensive end-to-end implant and bill-only process improvement solution proven to:

  • Align hospital, physician, and suppliers across implant and bill-only processes
  • Deliver hard- and soft-dollar savings across Supply Chain, OR, and Finance
  • Provide full visibility and control to all stakeholders

Stop losing sleep worrying about missed revenue opportunities. Contact Surgery Exchange today to learn how we can help you improve your revenue recognition. So you can get some well-deserved rest.

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