Nurses should take care of patients, not implant and bill-only paperwork.

Focus on Your Patients – Not Implant Trays or Supplier Reps

Want automated notification processes that ensure the correct devices, trays, and supplier reps are on hand for every scheduled surgery?

Need more time for patient care by synchronizing implant inventory with EMR?

Tired of losing time to ordering and reconciliation paperwork that ought to be the responsibility of your supplier rep?

Discover the industry’s ONLY end-to-end solution that streamlines implant and bill-only processes across your organization. Surgery Exchange Platform ensures the correct implant and bill only device  for every operation is captured – automatically. Our solutions even reduce overtime expenses and deliver a rapid hard-dollar ROI, all delivered in a flexible, affordable, secure Cloud-based solution.

Learn more about how Surgery Exchange Platform can solve your implant and bill-only supply chain pain – even the ones you didn’t know you had. Compete the form and a representative will be in touch shortly or start a conversation via chat below.

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