Got off contract spend you can’t find? That’s our job.

Got Off Contract Spend You Can’t Find? That’s Our Job!

Surgery Exchange automatically identifies unexpected implant and bill-only events

Too many off contract implant and bill-only expenditures? Or just too much time and hassle locating these exceptions to identify why they occur and how to prevent them in the future?

Surgery Exchange eliminates off contract uncertainty surrounding implant and bill only usage. We help health systems like yours automatically identify these off contract expenditures, including uncovering patterns that help improve processes and minimize future recurrences. Better yet, our cost-effective, cloud-based solution works seamlessly with EMR and the ERP systems to create the industry’s only true, dedicated implant and bill-only performance management solution.

Surgery Exchange’s offerings enable healthcare systems to:

  • Align hospital, physician, and suppliers across implant and bill-only processes
  • Deliver hard- and soft-dollar savings across Supply Chains, OR, and Finance
  • Deliver full visibility and control across service lines and facilities

Needles in haystacks. Clues to a mystery novel.  Whatever your preferred analogy, you have other critical demands on your time. Contact Surgery Exchange today to learn how we can help you regain control over your off contract spend.

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