No more manual bill-only tracking. Unless you love frustration?

No more manual bill-only tracking. Unless you love frustration?

Nobody ever said they loved frustration!

We’re almost ¼ of the way through the 21st Century. The healthcare industry has automated accounting, automated scheduling, automated drug dispensaries – automated everything. For decades.

Except bill-only. And if there’s any area of healthcare operations where manual processes generate the maximum frustration with the smallest return, it’s bill-only with a hands-on workflow.

Make those aggravations automatically disappear with Surgery Exchange. Our purpose-built platform that streamlines bill-only workflow across every department in your organization. In fact, Surgery Exchange is the first and only comprehensive end-to-end implant and bill-only process improvement solution proven to:

  • Align hospital, physician, and suppliers across implant and bill-only processes
  • Deliver hard- and soft-dollar savings across Supply Chain, OR, and Finance
  • Deliver full visibility and control across service lines and facilities

Put down that blood pressure medication and save your hair. Contact Surgery Exchange today to learn how we can help you move faster from implant and bill-only purchase orders to increased revenue recognition.

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