Surgery Exchange NetworkTM

Surgery Exchange NetworkTM brings device manufacturers and healthcare providers together to significantly improve operational and financial results. It integrates with device manufacturer corporate IT systems and field applications to create real-time seamless flow of information between provider and device manufacturer.

Network Benefits

  • Create efficiencies throughout the distribution channel shifting negotiations away from pricing to a win-win scenario based on mutual provider and manufacturer cost reduction through visibility, efficiency, and optimization.
  • Enable deeper partnership between manufacturer, provider, and physician positioning manufacturer to expand their market share.
  • Lower cost to providers and manufacturers by optimizing manufacturer field inventory.
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Product Functionality

Full Integration with Manufacturers

Real-time surgery information, advance purchase orders, and visibility to consigned inventory is available through data feeds and/or integration with manufacturer field solution.

Advance Surgery Schedule

Receive in real-time advance surgery schedule details including changes and cancellations allowing manufacturers to optimize deployed inventories and maximize turns.

Case Usage

Usage is transmitted as surgery is complete to allow manufacturers to expedite replenishment.

Expedited Purchase Orders

Receive purchase orders rapidly after surgery is complete expediting inventory to cash and eliminating uncollected and outstanding purchase orders.

Visibility to Consignments

Gain visibility to your consigned inventory, measure turns, and reduce excess field deployed inventory.

Increase Market Share

Through close cooperation with healthcare system focused on mutually reducing the cost to serve and expanding relationship.