Savings Analysis

Savings Analysis

If there’s one thing you already know about bill-only, its challenges cross multiple internal boundaries. Pre-surgery. Post-surgery. Inventory. Off contract usage. PO generations. Billing. Accounts Payable. For most health systems, that means multiple solutions across multiple departments – or no solution at all, which hobbles everyone’s efforts to operate efficiently.

Surgery Exchange delivers a purpose-built platform that streamlines bill-only workflows across every department in your organization. We can help you move faster from implant and bill-only purchase orders to increased revenue recognition. And we can prove it.

Our Savings Analysis calculator will show you the impact Surgery Exchange will have on your bill-only processes. To get started, enter a few details about your organization and click Calculate to see your results.

Purchase Order Generation

Percentage of PO’s
generated in
7 or less days


Pre Surgery
Labor Minutes
Post Surgery
Labor Minutes
Labor Cost

Purchase Order Volume

POs Generated in
the Past 12 months

Bill Only Spend

Estimated yearly
bill only spend

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