Surgery Exchange Launches Enhanced Cloud-Based Platform to Help Providers Control Costs of Implant Surgeries

— An industry-first solution creates visibility and transparency for bill-only implant surgeries leading to measurable cost savings —

ATLANTA (March 1, 2017) – Utilizing a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform, Surgery Exchange’s enhanced features deliver a robust, three-phase program that offers providers the ability to control and manage consignments, optimize logistics – and if desired – move toward a self-distribution model focused on value based outcomes for the entire episode of care.

“The reality is costs will continue to increase as reimbursements continue to decrease,” says Amin Rahme, president and CEO of Surgery Exchange. “However, hospitals can control and reduce costs through more transparency and visibility in the end-to-end planning and management of bill only implant surgeries.”

The Surgery Exchange platform is an industry first, specifically designed to allow a provider to begin taking back control of implant surgeries – including vendor contract enforcement before, during and after the case to ensure negotiated contracts are not being compromised. The platform also enables providers to collect and access real time, normalized actionable data. Additionally, it assists providers in meeting CMS regulatory requirements related to bundled pricing, as well as tracking and reporting revision surgeries.

The enhanced, cloud-based platform incorporates advanced technology that facilitates provider control and cost savings. Surgery Exchange works by allowing providers to:

  •   Break down silos and implement a “lean” proactive workflow in accordance with hospital defined rules, facilitating communication among all stakeholders when managing implant procedures;
  •   Eliminate redundant manual tasks and bottlenecks to improve workflow efficiency;
  •   Enforce vendor contract compliance before, during, and after surgery;
  •   Take over the control and management of the “in house” cosigned and owned implants;
  •   Provide the foundation for the provider to ultimately move toward a rep-lite or rep-less self- distribution model, if desired;
  •  Implement best practice standards system wide;
  •   Collect normalized, consistent data in real-time from all service lines and hospitals;
  •   Take total control of the management of implants, creating the opportunity to negotiate new pricing benchmarks; and
  •   Avoid lost revenue by providing patient billing visibility to the accurate implants used during surgery.Most hospital IT systems are not designed to manage the complex requirements of bill-only implant cases. As a result, case preparation, usage recording, reconciliation and billing activities must be handled manually. Surgery Exchange does not replace systems at hospitals. Rather, it brings these systems, hospital staff and all stakeholders into an efficient, automated platform that optimizes activities through a proven, technology-driven method – reducing manpower duplications and redundancies.About Surgery Exchange

    Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Surgery Exchange is a highly-specialized software company whose innovative cloud-based platform is an industry first. The comprehensive HIPAA-compliant software solution is specifically designed to support hospitals with end-to-end planning and case management focused on “bill only” implants and surgery workflow. Surgery Exchange brings all stakeholders into a collaborative environment and provides hospitals with the transparency and visibility needed to automate and take back control of the costly and time-consuming activities associated with implant surgeries, producing measurable cost-savings, efficiencies and accountability before, during and after surgery.

    Utilizing the cloud-based platform, Surgery Exchange delivers a robust 3-phase program that offers providers the ability to control and manage consignments, optimize logistics and – if desired – move toward a self-distribution model focused on value based outcomes for the entire episode of care.

    For more information about the implant surgery process and the Surgery Exchange platform, please visit


    Allen Haynes (404) 446-1677

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